10 Best Launch Mechanism Rental in Singapore

Carnival People introduce the 10 best launch mechanism rental in Singapore! From the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, to our signature hydraulic launch effect, our team of event planner is also able to customise launch mechanism based on your event theme and requirement.

10 Best Launch Mechanism Rental in Singapore

Below are the 10 Best launch mechanism rental we offer! Our in-house launch mechanism price also comes with delivery, set up, dismantle and collection as well! You may also arrange an appointment to view our launch mechanism equipment.


Puzzle Light Box Launch Mechanism

A total of 4 puzzles given to the VIPs on stage. The VIPs will then place the puzzle on the light box, and light will be turned on once all the puzzles are placed on the box! An easy and fun activity that showcase collaboration and partnership between two companies or organisation.

10 Best Launch Mechanism Rental in Singapore

Confetti Cannon Launch Mechanism

Our electric confetti cannon launch mechanism is activated via remote control in either gold or silver confetti. We use the highest quality confetti that stays in the air longer than the usual ones. Each set is able to host up to 4 confetti cannons. A cheap and “MUST HAVE” item to add on to your launch effect!

Confetti Cannon Launch Mechanism Rental

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The tradition of cutting ribbon dates back to 1898 when the first railway track was laid down to the Junction City passing through Union Parish, Louisiana. Today ribbon-cuttings symbolize new beginnings for companies that last forever; as similar ceremonies have done for centuries.

Golden Scissors for Ribbon Cutting Rental Singapore Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Rental in Singapore

Moving Light Pedestal Launch Mechanism

Our in-house new and never-seen-before moving light pedestal launch mechanism effect looks amazing! VIP place their hands on the pedestal and lights move down to the floor, creating a nice visual effect. Lights colour can be changed to your preferred colour, and we are also able to programme the lights to your preference as well.

Button Pedestal Launch Mechanism Rental Singapore

Key Insertion Moving Light Pedestal

Have your Vips to insert a “key” or press on a lighted button to activate the light and video fan at the front of each pedestal! Get creative by having your client’s logo appear on the video fan, or spell out the company name by having 1 letter on each fan, the possibilities are endless!

Balloon Release Launch Mechanism

Our in-house balloon artists have more than 10 years of experience in the balloon industry. Our balloon release launch mechanism are seen at various events such as countdown parties, grand opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, and SEA Games 2015 at the national stadium.

Balloon Drop Launch Mechanism Rental in Singapore

Curtain Unveiling Launch Mechanism

VIP will pull the curtain from the side of the frame to reveal the wall plaque. A simple grand opening activity yet impactful.

Unveiling Curtain Launch Mechanism Rental

Hydraulic Launch Mechanism

Have your VIP press on a single button to activate the hydraulic launch mechanism that move the items UP to the top of the table. Our hydraulic launch mechanism also comes with a front light box for your client’s logo.

Hydraulic Launch Mechanism Rental Singapore

Giant Balloon Banner Reveal Launch Mechanism

Reveal a banner with our giant balloon launch mechanism. A 3m diameter balloon filled with helium is being raised to reveal the event banner! Balloons can be lighted or non-lighted with message on balloon.

Rising Balloon Banner Launch Mechanism

Exploding Balloon Launch Mechanism

We have done 3 different types of exploding balloons. First we have giant balloon place on the floor and helium balloons start floating up once the large balloon explode! Alternatively, we have hang balloons on ceiling and release small balloons and confetti upon activation.

Exploding Balloon Special Effect Singapore

Exploding Balloon Wall Launch Mechanism

Exploding balloon wall is able to hide larger item such as a car or a large logo signage. The giant balloon will explode using a remote control activation and reveal the item behind the balloon wall!

Balloon Explosion Wall Launch Effect


Helium Balloon Wall Release Launch Mechanism

Have a wall made entirely out of balloons to float up to the ceiling, revealing the signage or logo behind the wall! Our helium balloon wall size is customisable, and wall is release by cutting 2 hooks on each side.

Product Launch with Balloon Wall

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