Churros Live Food Station for hire

2022 Live Food Stations for Hire

Carnival People offer a wide range 2022 live food stations for hire in Singapore! From our popular popcorn and candy floss station to traditional snacks such as traditional ice cream and kacang puteh; and premium live stations such as ice cream roll and churros, we have it all!

2022 Live Food Stations for Hire

Hire Carnival Food Stalls rental at Carnival People! Each food stall comes with 1 friendly carnival food operator, delivery, set-up and teardown. No Hidden fees!

Affordable and delicious food stations available for rental apart from your traditional catering buffet lines! If you have any other live food station idea in mind, do feel free to let us know as well so that we can make it happen for you!

Popular Live Food Stations

Our popular popcorn and candy floss stations comes with the following:

  • Delivery of equipment
  • Setting up of live station
  • Free flow of popcorn and candy floss serving
  • 1x carnival operator
  • Collection of equipment

Popcorn – choose from sweet or salted
Candy floss – Choose from pink or blue flavours

Popcorn machine Rental in Singapore Candy Floss Live Food Stations Rental Singapore

Premium Live Food Stations

If you are having an exclusive event with VIP guests, our churros and ice cream roll live food stations is just what you need. We prepare freshly cooked churros and serve in a cone cup, guests can choose from 3 different topping sauces!

Churros Live Station Rental Churros Live Food Station for hire

As for our ice cream roll station, it comes with a standard 3 flavours with 3 different toppings and sauces as well! Serve on the spot by our experienced carnival operator, hire our tasty ice cream roll for your upcoming event today!

Ice Cream Roll Live Station in Singapore

Ice Cream Roll Live Food StationIce Cream Roll station rental

Traditional Live Food Stations

Nothing beats having traditional ice cream on a hot day, our traditional ice cream comes with 4 different flavours “Chocolate, Coconut, Sweet Corn and Atap Seed”, serve in rainbow bread, waffle cones, cups. You can also choose to have sliced ice cream with 10 different flavours to choose from as well!

Traditional Ice Cream Cart Rental in Singapore

Looking for an affordable traditional snacks for your upcoming event? Our kacang puteh station is just what you are looking for! Food safety is our top priority when it comes to serving these snacks, therefore, we packed these snacks in a food grade plastics and serve it using paper cone cups! Our carnival operators also wears disposable gloves when serving the snacks as well!

Kacang Puteh Live Station Rental

Discover the full list of live food stations we offer here!

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