Arcade Gaming Corner Set up Singapore

Arcade Games Rental in Singapore

Carnival People not only offers you delicious and mouth-watering food that you can have at your events, but we also offer you a wide selection of arcade games rental in Singapore that you can choose from! As the direct arcade supplier company, we offer over 40 different arcade games rental for parties and events in Singapore!

Arcade Gaming Corner Set up Singapore

Whether you are up for some racing arcade games to compete with your friends on who’s the best racer amongst you guys or some toy claw machines race on who’s got the most toys caught within a set amount of time or want to reminisce those good old days where you and your friends will hit the arcades near your schools to play those retro good old video arcade games together such as Pacman and street fighter.

We have racing games such as your favourite Daytona where it is always taken in the arcades and you have to wait for quite a while to get your hands on them. Musical arcade games such as guitar freak and dance dance revolution where you can unleash your inner music artist side of you. Bonding games such as the legendary Bishi Bashi where up to three participants can play. And many more!

From your favourite arcade machines to the most popular machines that is always hogged up when you visit the arcades. We have all you ask for!

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