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Art and Craft Birthday Party Package

Whether it’s a large scale carnival or a small birthday party, Carnival People is here to help create memories that stays with you forever! Here we introduce our art and craft party package for small private parties in Singapore. Our two most popular art and craft, window art and sand art, are loved by many children in Singapore. It also brings back wonderful memories where our parents brought us to enjoy these colourful at shopping malls or events when we were younger.

You can hire these art and craft for your upcoming private parties or events for the kids to enjoy at your very own venue now! Below is the recent art and craft package done for our client party:

Window Art and Craft activity

Window art and craft is one of the most popular activity that parents hired for kid’s birthday party! Kids can choose from the assorted design artwork provided and fill up the spaces with colourful paints! Their completed artwork will be passed to our art assistant to heat it up. Once it’s done, they can bring back their artwork and paste it on their bedroom window or any glass surface!

Hire Window Art in Singapore Kids Party Planning Art and Craft Window Paint Art for Kids Party Singapore

Sand Art and Craft activity

Sand art and craft activity is the number one choice when it comes to kids art and craft activity for party or event! The children can choose their favourite artwork to begin. The kids will begin peeling off the sticker and fill up the blank space with coloured sand! Once completed, the kids can bring back their artwork in a plastic packaging and display on their study desk or shelf.

Hire Sand Art for Kids Party in Singapore Sand Art for Kids Birthday Party for Hire Hire Kids Sand Art Activity in Singapore

Looking for other fringe activities for party or event? Carnival People offer a wide range of kids activities from balloon sculpting and faceprinting to magic show or comedy juggling show! Contact us to find out more today!

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