Audio Visual Lighting Equipment Rental in Singapore

Hire cheap audio visual lighting equipment rental in Singapore with Carnival People! From professional PA sound system rental, to high quality LED video wall backdrop rental with certified operator and set up crew, we cater our AV equipment to both onsite and virtual events in Singapore since 2012!

Below are the AV equipment rental we offer:

Audio PA Sound System Rental

Our audio PA sound system rental package comes with the following:

2x Loud Speakers on Tripod Stand
Audio Mixer
Graphic Equalizer
CD/MP3 Disk Player
Laptop for music control
Wireless Vocal Mic – 2x Digital Wireless – Wireless Handheld System
Professional Sound Technician
Includes all electrical extensions, audio cables, spare batteries.
Also includes delivery, setup, sound check, and collection.

Additional speakers available as well! Contact us for rates.

Sound System Rental Singapore

Sound System for Dinner and Dance

Professional Sound System Rental

Sound System for outdoor events

Professional Sound System Rental 1

Line Arrary Sound System Rental

Are you planning a concert or large scale event where you need a better sound quality for your audience? Line array sound system is commonly use for concert events, getai events and various large scale events with our 1000pax. Contact us to find out if your event require a line array sound system today!

Line Arrary Sound System Rental

LED Video Wall Backdrop Rental

Our LED video wall backdrop rental in Singapore can be customised to your specific needs. Depending on the size of your event, our LED walls can be setup as a regular straight walled configuration, or even in a curved configuration (concave or convex). With LED walls, you are able to play videos, PowerPoint Presentations and even have it as a unique moving animated Background. It really is your own personal, living backdrop, specially your event.

Comes with LEW, SLD and PE endorsement.

Standard LED wall package includes:

Absen D3V LED wall. P3.91mm

– NovaStar LED sending card x 1
– Magnimage LED Processor x 1
– laptop
– Play back mixer x 1
– Yamaha speaker x 2 on stand
– Professional Mic x 2

– setup and dismantle crew

Contact us now for price and more information.

LED Video Wall Backdrop Rental in Singapore


Stage Lighting Equipment Rental

Moving Head Lighting Rental

Moving Head Lighting Rental in Singapore

Truss Lighting System Rental

Truss Lighting System Rental in Singapore

Par can lighting on T-stand Rental

Par can lighting on T stand Rental in Singapore

Movie Screening Rental

If you are planning a semi-outdoor or outdoor movie screening experience, you have come to the right place! From projector movie screening to LED video wall movie screen, our full-fledge movie screening package includes professional sound system and application of movie screening license! Contact us for more info today!

Large Movie Screen Rental Singapore Inflatable Movie Screen


TV on Stand Rental

TV on stand rental is great for roadshows and presentation where you want to show your audience slides, photos or video on the TV screen. Our video games console rental also comes with these TV on stand rental as well!

42 inch TV on Stand Rental

TV Stand Singapore TV with Stand Rental Singapore

55 inch TV on Stand Rental

55 inch TV on Stand Rental in SIngapore

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