Prepacked cotton candy Singapore

Prepacked Carnival Snack Delivery in Singapore

In the midst of planning an upcoming event and are having difficulties getting small bites and snacks due to the latest covid situation? Preparing goodie bags for your guests at the event?

We have some prepacked carnival snack ideas for you! 

Worry no more that covid destructs your event! We have a wide range of prepacked snacks that you can choose from that will definitely win the hearts and stomachs of your guests in the event. Carnival People offers Prepacked Carnival Snack Delivery in Singapore for your upcoming party or event today!

Prepacked popcorn SingaporePrepacked popcorns

Prepacked popcorns can never go wrong at any event! It gives the guests a good munch anywhere and everywhere. Our sweet flavoured crunchy popcorns have always been our best seller amongst all of our prepacked items! You will never go wrong with popcorns!

Prepacked cotton candy Singapore

Prepacked Cotton Candy

Apart from our prepacked popcorns, prepacked cotton candy is also one of our top sellers amongst all! Our soft and fluffy cotton candy will be placed in a 12 oz cup hot sealed before delivery!

Prepacked Kacang Puteh

Prepacked Kacang Puteh 

Prepacked Kacang Puteh is a childhood favourite and is a go-to when it comes to carnival events. Our prepacked Kacang Puteh is mixed of assorted beans such as broad beans, chick pea, green peas, roast salted peanut and coated peanut cracker that many loves!

Pre pack traditional biscuit

Prepacked Traditional Biscuits

I bet all of us loved these traditional biscuits when we were young and in days now, these are really hard to find. Our traditional biscuits consist of the legendary gem biscuit, haw flakes, crackers and many more!

Cup Ice Cream Singapore

Prepacked cup ice cream 

Don’t you agree with me that no matter how full we are, we always have a room for dessert! What better way than to end your meal with a cup of ice cream right?  Our ice cream ranges from all the hot flavours such as chocolate to vanilla to strawberry flavoured and it will leave your guests satisfied.

All these prepacked snacks are now up for grabs at low and affordable prices that you can not find elsewhere!

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Bottles Ring Toss Carnival Game 1

Carnival Event Rental in Singapore

Trusted Carnival event rental Company in Singapore

Carnival Rental? We got it all covered! 

Specializing in carnival events, we cater to the different activities that makes up a carnival. Be it the parades with mime artist, stilt walkers or roving jugglers or the carnival games rental such as ring toss, milk can toss, basket toss or roll a ball or the larger games such as digital basketball, hungry hippo, and even sumo game. We have a wide variety of carnival games and arcade games rental available for your upcoming carnival event!

Apart from all the fun and waves of laughter, we also have decorative elements such as inflatable arches and air dancing puppets that instantly bring up the atmosphere and create excitements for your event!

Not forgetting the young ones, we have ball pit rental and bouncy castles rental readily available for the kids! Well, we don’t like to leave anyone out of fun right? Our bouncy castles range in sizes and themes and there will definitely be one suitable for your upcoming event. Bouncy castles are kid’s top favorites and it is an enjoyable activity for them to jump and slide around.

Rodeo Bull Ride Rental

Bottles Ring Toss Carnival Game 1

Lion Kingdom Bouncy Castle Rental

All these carnival items are now up for grabs at low and affordable prices that you can not find elsewhere! Be it for the young or the young at hearts, we have fun and great activities and games specially for them!

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Window Art Station for kids Singapore

Hands On Art And Craft Activities For Your Kid

As you walk past the art stations and shops in the shopping mall, your kids just cannot get their eyes off the canvas or the paints? Due to the covid situation now, many of the shops have not been able to operate as normal and because of that, your kids haven’t been able to unleash their inner artistic talent in them?

We got a solution for you! 

Carnival People has affordable art and craft activities catered to kids of all ages. Our sand art and window art has always been a top-rated activity by kids because of the fun that comes with it. It is like a hands-on coloring book that allows them to color their artwork with real-life coloring elements such as paints and colored sands.

Now let me introduce you to our window art station :

Window Art for events

Window Art 

You can now cover your fridge and glass panels at home with the window art ornaments that your kid has done all by themselves. Window Art allows the kid to fill in their favorite animals or cartoon with their favorite colors. These window art pieces are sticky to certain surfaces such that you will be able to stick the artworks onto.  Leave a memory of your kid’s childhood in your homes for keepsake.  Let their imagination run wild and you will see creative artwork done by your kid right in front of you.

Window Art Station Singapore

It is certainly a well-loved activity and one that is always in demand. Well, the good news now is that we can bring these window art stations to your homes for your kids to do in the comfort of their space. Whether you would like to have it for your family gathering or for your kid’s birthday party so that they would be able to do it together with their friends. We cater to all your needs and wants!

Looking for other fringe activities that your kids would be able to get their hands on ? Enquire with us today to find out more!

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Christmas mascot for rental

Santa Claus Mascot For Rental

In a blink of an eye, we have marched through 11 months of 2021, and is now coming to an end of the year. Even though this year, might not be and wasn’t one of the best with the global pandemic that hit upon us causing us to have restrictions after restrictions.

However, we have an exciting holiday season coming up for us! And well, I bet you guessed it. Christmas! Christmas is coming up right around the corner and it is a time for us to settle down with our families and friends to celebrate this season together.

A celebration without entertainment? Well to spark up this festive season, Carnival People is offering Santa Claus mascot rental at an affordable rate that will not only fulfil your meet the Santa Christmas dream but also brings about a bundle of joy and laughter! What is Christmas without Santa right?

Mascot for hire

Christmas mascot for rental

Apart from this, to add on to the fun of Christmas, we also have Christmas fringe activities available for you and your loved ones to work on this Christmas. Let’s make this Christmas one that is memorable and not one that is defeated by the restrictions we have.

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Tikam Tikam Game for Rent

Old but Gold Traditional Games You Used to Play

Remember the times before technology kicked in and before all these online games started? Remember those games you used to play growing up?

What were the games in your head that you used to love? Why not, let’s take a walk down the memory lane and recall these traditional games that were simple yet it brought us tons of good memories and gales of laughter.

Traditional games are mostly played back in the ’80s and 90s where the Kampung times happen. As compared to the online games that you are now playing with your friends such as ‘ Call of Duty’ , ‘ Among Us’ or, ‘Mobile legend’, traditional games are actual games played in real life that brings people together. It may be a thing from the past, but it is still an enjoyable one that makes people have a ball in their daily life.

  1. Pick Up Sticks

Traditional Pick up Sticks Game

Pick up sticks is a game that requires mental and physical skills. No kidding. The objective of the game is to pick up and collect the most number of sticks without moving any apart from the one that you are trying to pick up.

Time to pick your game skills up! 

2.  Tikam Tikam 

Tikam Tikam Game for Rent

Did you know?

” Tikam Tikam” actually means ” The guessing game ” in Malay. It was a well-loved game by the kids back in the olden days. How this game work is that you will have to pay a small amount of money ( usually a few cents ) and you will be entitled to pick a ticket from the board. The lucky ones will be able to walk away with a board game or a deck of cards or great big prizes. If not, you will still be able to walk away with consolation prizes such as snacks for you to snack on on the way home.

3. Chapteh

Traditional Chapteh Game Rental

Chapteh was a commonly played game outside houses in the past. It can be played by yourself or with your clique in the past. The objective of a game of chapteh is to basically keep the chapteh in the air with different parts of your body. However, the trick to this is that no use of hands is allowed throughout the game. So, you can use your head to knock it or your leg to kick it but not your hands to hit it!

4. Congkak 

Traditional Congkak Game Rental

Congkak is a well-known game that is played all around Asia. The objective of the game is to be able to have the most amount of seed in your own ‘ houses ‘ or to be the fastest to empty your holes.

5. Five Stones 

Five Stones Traditional Games Singapore

Five Stones was a traditional game played back in the kampung days. The game has been said that it will further improve and develop your eyesight and concentration. For this game, all you have to do is to place all the five stones on a flat surface and then pick one stone up and throw it in the air and pick a second stone while the first is in the air and catch it before it hit the surface. Then repeat the same but add one stone that you have to pick up while the first stone is in the mid-air.

Remember hiding it in your pocket or your school bag just so that you will be able to play it with your friends during recesses or after school?

6. Milk Can Toss 

Milk Can Toss carnival game stall rental

Milk Can Toss is a carnival game that is often played to win big prizes. The objective of this game is to use the balls given to knock over the cans placed in front. The more cans that are knocked over, the more points are given to them to redeem a prize.

7. Small Bottle Ring Toss 

Rent Bottle Ring Toss Game Singapore

Ring toss sometimes referred to as ‘ ring a bottle’ is a game commonly played in the carnival. This game usually requires a hell lot of luck for you to win a prize from it. How it works is that you will be given rings and all you have to do is to throw the rings towards the bottle and wish that it goes through the bottle. When any one of the rings passes through the bottle, you will walk away with a HUGE prize.

These traditional games were old but really gold. It brought us gold memories that we really wished we will have the chance to turn back to.  Do you now miss those old childhood times where you played Tikam Tikam under your house? Or Chapteh at your school parade square? Or Ring toss at a carnival you went?

Carnival People can now turn back time into your olden days and allow you to play these traditional games at a low and affordable cost. Our traditional game stalls are now up for rent! Be it for your community centre event, birthday parties, family gatherings or any event, we will be able to bring your childhood back to you.

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Air Hockey

Cheap and Affordable Arcade Machines Brought to You!

Ever had that thought to bring the arcade machines home so that you can play all day?

With our cheap and affordable arcade machines up for grabs, we can now fulfill that dream of yours!

Be it whether you want to shoot a shot with our arcade basketball machine or be a dancing queen/king with our DDR  or you want to predict the future with our palm reading machine OR you want to hit that bullseye with our dart machine.

Name it and we will have it delivered to you!

Arcade Dance Machine Rental


Air Hockey for hire


We have :

  • Whack a Frog
  • Foosball Table
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Toy Claw Machine
  • King of Hammer
  • Punching Machine
  • Bishi Bashi
  • House of the Dead
  • Alien Termination
  • Children Basketball King of Hammer Arcade RentalMachine
  • Arcade Basketball Machine
  • Dart Machine
  • Crisis Zone
  • Time Crisis
  • Daytona Machine
  • Initial D
  • Drum Mania
  • & Many more…


Be it a birthday party, arcade themed event, family gathering, corporate event or just a day bored at home, you can now rent it from us and we will bring the arcade machine to you!

Why choose Carnival People though?

We have one of the cheapest rates amongst all the arcade machines rental and our machines are all well maintained in ship shape! Not only that, we have retro machines that are as rare as a hen’s teeth available just for you! Worried about it being spoilt? Fret not! Most of our machines have the replacements available and we have the most experienced maintenance and repair team that would give your machine a quick fix and it’ll be good to go!

Have more questions about our arcade machine? Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more today!

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Fringe activities ideas for you !

 Looking for an engagement activity that can engage your audience? In need of ideas for what to do at your event?

This is the right place you’re looking at!

We provide you with fringe activities that cater to people of all ages from all walks of life. You can be rest assured of looking for a suitable activity for your target audience.  Don’t worry and count it on us!

We have :

Fringe activity Origami


Origami folding workshop

Participants would be able to learn the art of origami folding and transforming a plain piece of paper into lovely sculptures, animals, and other decorative elements.

Scratch Art Singapore



Scratch Art Station

Participants would be able to unleash their inner creativity and imagination to scratch out a rainbow coloured art piece from a plain piece of black paper.

Window Art cater for Events Singapore



Window Art Station 

Participants would be able to express their artistic talent through colours. They would be able to paint out the designs that they chose through the paints placed in small tubes.


Sand Art


Sand Art Station

Participants would be able to model sand into the designs that they have chosen. Sand Art station have always been a popular activity amongst the kids!


 & many more…   

Looking for any other activities? Carnival People offers over 25 entertainment activities and shows that you can choose from!


Wait no more! Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more today!

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Engage Live Magic Show in Singapore

Want something fun, exciting AND also entertaining at the same time?

Carnival People can do ALL three of that! We will be able to give you an unforgettable experience of watching a live Magic Show that you have always wanted as a kid. Isn’t that a dream come true for you and your child?

Magician for hire Singapore

Ranging from close-up magic shows that allow you to see the magic tricks up-close, to an interactive magic show that will captivate your child’s attention and also a live animal magic show that will leave you amazed with an animal right in front of your eyes in a blink.

We have just the right entertainment for your birthday parties, corporate event and any occasion that you have! Engage our very own local Magicians in Singapore that will provide you with a magic show filled with extraordinary and impressive magic tricks that will make your jaw drop.

Looking for other entertainments? Carnival People offers over 25 entertainment activities and shows that you can choose from! Wait no more! Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more today! 

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Popcorn and Candy Floss Rental in Singapore

Carnival People offers the best tasting popcorn and candy floss rental in Singapore! With our 40 different live food stations to choose from, popcorn and candy floss yet the most affordable and popular carnival snacks among all! Our popcorn and candy floss live station are cook hot on the spot and serve fresh at your party or event.

Singapore Popcorn Rental

Rent a popcorn station to keep your guest entertained and full for your upcoming wedding, party or carnival event in Singapore! Our secret to cook the best popcorn is by having good quality ingredient shipped all the way from USA, cook fresh on the spot and serve hot to your guests!

Pop Corn Rental Singapore Pop Corn Singapore

Singapore Candy Floss Rental

Get a taste of our cloudy cotton candy at your party or event today! Cotton candy is one of the cheapest and fast serving carnival snacks! We are able to produce 80 – 100 candy floss per hour with our commercial candy floss machine!

Candy Floss Carnival Snacks

Candy Floss

Popcorn Live Station Rental Singapore

Are you looking for other live food stations rental? Carnival People offers over 40 different live food stations for you to choose from! Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more today!

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Kids Carnival Rides and Dunk Tank Rental

Carnival People provides kids carnival rides and dunk tank rental in Singapore! Surprise your kids on their birthday with our battery animal ride rental from just $150/4 hours! Ride non-stop on the cute little animals on a flat ground. These animal rides are popular and can be found in shopping malls all around Singapore!

Battery Animal Rides Rental

Animal Rides Rental in Singapore

Battery Car Rides Rental

Other than animal rides, Carnival people offer battery car rides for rent as well! Rent these supercar for your kids birthday and make their dream come true!

Battery Race Cars Rental

Other than the 2 carnival rides, we also provide dunking tank rental as well! Get your family or friends to take a sit on the plank, and grab a ball to hit the “target” that drops your friend into the pool of water! This activity is safe for adults of height 1.5m and above!

Dunk Tank Rental Singapore

Dunk Tank Rental in Singapore Dunking Tank Carnival Rental

With more than 100 of in-house carnival rental, book an appointment with us to view our carnival equipment, or simply browse around our website to find the carnival rental you need!

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