New 2023 Bouncy Castles Rental in Singapore

New 2023 Bouncy Castles Rental in Singapore

Carnival People introduce new 2023 bouncy castles rental in Singapore! As one of the largest carnival equipment rental company in Singapore, our team constantly bring in now carnival equipment for our clients. Here are 13 new bouncy castles that are now available for rent!

New 2023 Bouncy Castles Rental in Singapore

We offer 4 different sizes of bouncy castles ranging from small, medium, large and giant bouncy castles for our clients to choose from. With over 30 different bouncy castle designs, you can be assured to find the one that fits the size of your venue and the theme of your event!

Bouncy Castles Rental Singapore

Candy House

Carnival Fair Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Carnival Fair

Pirate Ship Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Pirate Ship

Shark Tank Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Shark Tank

Safari Park Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Safari Park

Explore the full collection of our bouncy castles rental here!

To enquire the price and availability of our bouncy castles, click on the button below and fill up a quick form to contact us now!

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Churros Live Food Station for hire

2022 Live Food Stations for Hire

Carnival People offer a wide range 2022 live food stations for hire in Singapore! From our popular popcorn and candy floss station to traditional snacks such as traditional ice cream and kacang puteh; and premium live stations such as ice cream roll and churros, we have it all!

2022 Live Food Stations for Hire

Hire Carnival Food Stalls rental at Carnival People! Each food stall comes with 1 friendly carnival food operator, delivery, set-up and teardown. No Hidden fees!

Affordable and delicious food stations available for rental apart from your traditional catering buffet lines! If you have any other live food station idea in mind, do feel free to let us know as well so that we can make it happen for you!

Popular Live Food Stations

Our popular popcorn and candy floss stations comes with the following:

  • Delivery of equipment
  • Setting up of live station
  • Free flow of popcorn and candy floss serving
  • 1x carnival operator
  • Collection of equipment

Popcorn – choose from sweet or salted
Candy floss – Choose from pink or blue flavours

Popcorn machine Rental in Singapore Candy Floss Live Food Stations Rental Singapore

Premium Live Food Stations

If you are having an exclusive event with VIP guests, our churros and ice cream roll live food stations is just what you need. We prepare freshly cooked churros and serve in a cone cup, guests can choose from 3 different topping sauces!

Churros Live Station Rental Churros Live Food Station for hire

As for our ice cream roll station, it comes with a standard 3 flavours with 3 different toppings and sauces as well! Serve on the spot by our experienced carnival operator, hire our tasty ice cream roll for your upcoming event today!

Ice Cream Roll Live Station in Singapore

Ice Cream Roll Live Food StationIce Cream Roll station rental

Traditional Live Food Stations

Nothing beats having traditional ice cream on a hot day, our traditional ice cream comes with 4 different flavours “Chocolate, Coconut, Sweet Corn and Atap Seed”, serve in rainbow bread, waffle cones, cups. You can also choose to have sliced ice cream with 10 different flavours to choose from as well!

Traditional Ice Cream Cart Rental in Singapore

Looking for an affordable traditional snacks for your upcoming event? Our kacang puteh station is just what you are looking for! Food safety is our top priority when it comes to serving these snacks, therefore, we packed these snacks in a food grade plastics and serve it using paper cone cups! Our carnival operators also wears disposable gloves when serving the snacks as well!

Kacang Puteh Live Station Rental

Discover the full list of live food stations we offer here!

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Retro Arcade Games in Singapore

Arcade Games Rental in Singapore 2022

Carnival People offers a wide range of arcade games rental in Singapore 2022! If you are looking to entertain your guests for your upcoming party or event, consider having these arcade games to impress your guests who never thought it’s possible!

Arcade Games Rental in Singapore 2022

Here are some of our recent events we have done:

Pop up Arcade Centre Concept

Our pop up arcade centre concept is a collaboration between our parent company, Big Top Events, and T-cartel Bazaars. We have been working closely to create a different bazaars experience, and here’s our concept at Plaza Singapura (Level 3 – Poppin). Enjoy these games from just $1 per play!

Old School Retro Arcade Games in Singapore Old school arcade games at Poppin Old school arcade games Plaza Singapura


Branding Customisation on Arcade Machines

When it comes to arcade games rental, we also help our clients to customise their branding on to our claw machines as well! Below is a simple customisation done for Lazada!

Claw Machine Arcade Games Rental in Singapore

Customised King of Hammer Arcade Game Machine for BMW.

Arcade Kings of Hammer Machine

Arcade Games Rental for private party

Other than corporate events, arcade games can be hired for home party too! Have your kids get to enjoy these arcade games at the comfort of your home, or private party venue.

Party Games Rental in Singapore

Arcade Basketball Machines Rental in Singapore scaled  Black Claw Machine Arcade Game Rental


Looking for other arcade machines rental? Discover the full list of arcade games rental we offer here! Contact us to enquire now!

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Large Ball Pit Rental in Singapore

Lego Ball Pit Rental in Singapore

Carnival People offers the best #1 Lego Ball Pit Rental in Singapore! Yes, you may have seen it before, as we are the leading lego ball pit supplier with 1000 giant lego bricks and 30,000 soft balls in stock! our lego bricks come in seven different colours “red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink” and our soft balls come in either rainbow colour, or clear soft balls for clients who want to create a bubble effect.

Below are some of our lego ball pit set up!

Lego Ball Pit Rental in Singapore

Large lego ball pit set up (4m x 2.5m) that is able to fit approx 6 – 8 kids at a time!

Large Ball Pit Rental in Singapore

Small Lego ball pit with slide (2.4m x 2.4m) that is able to fit 4 – 5 kids at a time!

Small Ball Pit for Rent

Customised purple lego ball pit for our client!

Purple Ball Pit for Hire Singapore

Below are other different sizes ball pit for you to choose from:

Our ball pit sizes are fully customisable as well. Find out more information of our ball pit rental here!

Carnival People always clean and sanitise our ball pit to keep the children safe. To hire, simply contact us by clicking on the button below:

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Cleaning of ball pit

Carnival People is a subsidiary company of Big Top Events, a carnival event planning company in Singapore specialises in celebratory event planning such as family day, grand opening event, dinner and dance event, road shows and many more!

Tuas Recreation Club Event scaled

Carnival and Arcade Games Rental 2022

Carnival People offer carnival and arcade games rental 2022! With over 400 in-house carnival games and arcade machines, we are the best one-stop carnival rental company in Singapore. As a event support company, Carnival People worked with various event companies and direct clients supplying our carnival equipment for their events!

Below is a set up with our carnival and arcade games at Tuas Recreation Club!

Carnival Games Rental

We offer the cheapest carnival game stalls rental for parties or events in Singapore! Our carnival game stalls include shoot the duck, bowling game, feed the clown, milk cans toss, basketball, carnival ring toss, coin toss and many more! Contact us to get the full updated list of carnival games we offer now.

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Carnival and Arcade Games Rental 2022

Carnival Games Singapore

Arcade Games Rental

Carnival People offers over 40 different arcade games rental for event in Singapore as well! Some of our popular arcade machines rental include arcade basketball, daytona arcade machine, Air Hockey Table, King of Hammer and many more! Contact us to hire now:

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Basketball Machine Arcade Basketball Machine Rental

Are you looking for a carnival event planner for your upcoming family day or roadshow event? Contact us today!

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Water Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental Singapore

Water Inflatable Games Rental in Singapore

Thinking of having a pool party but afraid that it will be boring without any games to play? Fret not, Carnival people offer Water Inflatable Games rental in Singapore! Starting from Stepping stones to water obstacles to Soak and wet to water olympics and many more! So what are you waiting for? Hype up your pool party with our water inflatables today!

Stepping Stones Water Inflatable Games Rental

Stepping stones are a bunch of inflatable platforms to be inflated on the pool. It is a obstacle whereby the lighter your steps, the higher chance for you to complete the course.

soak and wet Water Inflatable Games Rental

It is a game that act as a mini dunk tank. A player has to sit on the stool and other players has to throw the ball at the target in order to activate the pail of water. It is suitable to be placed at the backyard too!

water olympic Inflatable Games Rental

Water Olympic is an water inflatable obstacle course. It is a few piece of inflatables tied together to create the Obstacle course on the pool. Try something different today by renting our Water Olympic!

Water soccer Inflatable Games Rental

Instead of the physical soccer that you always play, come and try our water inflatable soccer! Able to play with your friends and family to bond with one another! It would definitely hype up the atmosphere of your event or party too!

Water Soccer

Carnival People offer over 400 equipment rental for carnival events in Singapore. Feel free to browse around our website, or contact our friendly sales assistant to enquire today!

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Round Air Hockey Arcade Machine Singapore

New Carnival Games Rental in Singapore

Carnival People has more than 200 in-house equipment for rent!  However, we are still expanding our varieties of carnival games, arcade machine etc.. to bring more joy and excitement to you guys! Introducing our new carnival games rental in Singapore for your event or party. Foosball Table, Multi Player Air Hockey Table, Golf Game, Skee Ball Game. What are you waiting for? Enquire one from us now!

Foosball Table

Other than the normal foosball table that we have, bringing to you our newest collection, Premium Foldable Foosball Table and Bar Top Foosball Table. It is very convenient as it does not require much space and even foldable! The Bar Top Foosball Table looks aesthetic and can cater up to 2 people.

multi player air hockey table

Instead of the normal air hockey table that we had, we have the newest multi player air hockey table for you! It can cater up to 6 pax at once making the game more exciting and fun! It is definitely suitable for your event or party as you are able to bond together.

Golf Game

Ever thought of helding a mini golf event or party? Fret not, we have a few golf game rental for you to choose from! From Premium golf game to large golf game. Unleash your golf skills or discover a new hobby today!

Skee ball game

Carnival People offers you our very own Skee Ball Game! Roll the ball on the inclined pathway and aim for the bullseye! Score as many points as possible while competing with your friends.

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Dance Dance Revolutiom DDR

Carnival Equipment Rental in Singapore

Looking for Carnival Equipment Rental in Singapore? Carnival people got you covered! You are able to find a wide range of many different carnival equipment rental. Ranging from arcade machines, Table Games, Inflatable games, Carnival games etc.. Rent one of the items from us now to keep yourself and your loved ones engaged!

Carnival Games rental

Miss being to carnival due to the pandemic situation currently? Fret not, we offer carnival games rental for you to get engaged  with your family and friends. You can have your own mini carnival at home too!

Arcade Machines rental

Other than Carnival Games rental, we also offer arcade machines rental such as Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Daytona 2, Punching Machine etc.. Also, table games such as pool table and foosball table etc.. Able to compete with one another to boost and increase team bonding!

large carnival inflatable rental

Besides the normal carnival games that we used to play at the carnival, we also offer large inflatable carnival games for rent! We also have many varieties for you to choose from for your parties or event!

water inflatable games

Feeling bored of swimming and want to do some water activities? We offer you water inflatable game such as stepping stones, soak and wet etc for you to choose from! Rent it from us now for your pool party!

Soak and Wet

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pre packaged popcorn supplier in Singapore

Pre Packed Popcorns and Candy Floss

Pre Packed Popcorns and Candy Floss

Have you ever thought of having some convenient eating snack while watching movie or Netflix? Fret not, we have pre packed popcorns and candy floss just for you to enjoy! Popcorn and Candy Floss are the best snacks to get for your event or party!  Carnival People now offer Pre Packed Popcorns and Candy Floss for just $1.50/pax! The Cheapest in Singapore.

Pre Packed Popcorns and Candy Floss

Our Pre packed popcorns and candy floss are packed in 12oz plastic cup and hot sealed!

  • 50 pre-packaged popcorn OR Candy Floss – $2/pack (Delivery $20)
  • 100 pre-packaged popcorn/candy floss – $1.80/pack (Delivery $20)
  • 200 and above pre-packaged popcorn/candy floss – $1.50/pack (Delivery $20)

pre packaged popcorn supplier in Singapore pre packaged candy floss supplier in Singapore

Prepackaged Popcorn Supplier in Singapore

Pre Packed popcorn chicken

Instead of having pre packed popcorn and candy floss, we have pre packed popcorn chicken as well! If you are looking for something more filling, popcorn chicken is the right choice! We placed it in the popcorn machine so that it is still fresh and hot while consuming.

Prepack popcorn chicken station Singapore Prepack popcorn Chicken Supplier Singapore

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Giant Shoot the Duck Game

Carnival Equipment Rental Services in Singapore

Looking for Carnival Equipment Rental Services in Singapore? Carnival people offers you a wide range of Carnival Equipment Rental services for you! Ranging from Arcade Machines Rental, Carnival Games Rental, Live food Stations etc… What’s an event or party without one of them? What are you waiting for? Rent it from us now!

carnival games rental

Looking for the carnival feels or miss going to carnivals due to the pandemic? Fret not, Carnival People offers you wide range of carnival games for rental! It is suitable for parties or an event, it helps to keep your guests entertained!

arcade Machines rental

Carnival People have arcade machines for rental as well! We even have machines from the early 90s or the older generations like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Video Arcade Machine etc.. You are able to compete with one another or play together!

Large carnival inflatable games rental

Trying out something new? We have the inflatable games available for you! From carnival inflatable to large inflatable to inflatable arch! For inflatable arch, It is suitable for your opening as it as boost your company brand!

party balloon decorations

Missing out a decoration for your event or party? Other than the different rental services, we also offer you a wide range of balloon decorations suitable for your event theme! Balloon decorations helps to live up the event venue and the guests’s mood. It can also act as a photo prop for the guests to take pictures!

live food station rental

An event or party could not go well without live food station! Popcorn and Candy Floss is everyone’s favourite snack of all time! It can cure your guests hunger as it is a light snack and is packed individually for easy roving.

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