Carnival Games Rental Singapore

As the top carnival games rental Singapore company, Carnival People offer a wide range of more than 100 different carnival games rental at the best rate in town! From traditional games, carnival game stalls, fun fair games, water game and video games… we have it all!

Carnival Games Rental Singapore

Customise branding on our carnival game stalls are available as well! If you are looking to create a brand new carnival game stalls for your client, you may want to consider our customise game solution here! Why spend a fortune create a brand new game stalls to use for a one-time event when you can ent, customise and save with us? Contact us to find out more!

Below are the carnival game stalls we offer! Our company are bringing new carnival games and equipment monthly. Please check with our friendly sales assistant for the updated catalogue for more information.

Carnival Game Stalls Rental

$100/stall (per day rental – minimum 3 stalls)
$50/stall (Subsequent day rental)
Inclusive of delivery, set up and collection of equipment.
Require 1x table/stall

  • Carnival Ring Toss
  • Milk Can Toss
  • Match the Colour
  • Feed the Clown
  • Feed the Lion
  • Feed the Monkey
  • Feed the Shark
  • Shoot the Duck
  • Shoot the Rabbit
  • Shoot the Dino
  • Wild Wild West
  • Zombie Shootout
  • Finish the Race
  • Archery Game
  • Dart Game
  • Basketball Game
  • Penalty Shootout
  • Fetch Game
  • Coin Toss
  • UFO Game
  • Speed Fishing
  • Baseball Game
  • Harvest the Eggs
  • Bowling Game
  • Police and Thief
  • Shoot the Alien

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Premium Carnival Games Rental

  • Mini Golf Game
  • Premium Zig Zag Golf Game
  • Premium Golf Game
  • Large Golf Game
  • Fishing Game
  • Tug of War Rope
  • Pool Table
  • Giant Connect 4
  • Foosball Table
  • Large Digital Basketball
  • Small Capsule Ball Machine
  • Large Capsule Ball Machine
  • Balloon Blaster Machine
  • Hi Striker
  • Skee Ball Game

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Large Carnival Game Stalls Rental

  • Western Hoops
  • On Point
  • Bull Horn Toss
  • Basketball
  • Cowboy Face-off
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Traffic Lights
  • Galaxy Shootout

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Giant Carnival Game Stalls Rental

  • Dart Game
  • Soccer Dart
  • Safe Archery
  • Giant Plinko
  • Hovering Air Ball Challenge
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Soccer Shootout
  • 3-in-1 Sports game (Baseball, Basketball & Dart)
  • Inflatable Cash Box
  • Gladiator Dome
  • Bungee Basketball
  • Wrecking Ball (NEW!)
  • Hungry Hippo (NEW!)
  • Human Foosball
  • Human Pool Table
  • Human Whack a Mole
  • Axe Throwing
  • Human Bowling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Pony Racing
  • Sticky Wall
  • Meltdown
  • Wave Surfer Carnival Ride
  • Rodeo Bull Carnival Ride

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Traditional Game Stalls Rental

  • Small Bottle Ring Toss
  • Pick Up Sticks
  • Congkak
  • Chap Teh
  • Five Stones
  • Tikam Tikam
  • Marble Game
  • Milk Cans Toss

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Water Inflatable Games Rental

  • Water Gladiator
  • Stepping Stones
  • Paddle Boats
  • Inflatable Pool
  • Water Obstacle Course
  • Foam Pool
  • Dunking Tank

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Fun Fair Games Rental

  • Balloon Dart
  • Basket Toss
  • Bottle Ring Toss
  • Break the Teeth
  • Shoot the Duck
  • Roll a Ball
  • Ping Pong Rolldown

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Video Game Consoles Rental

  • Wii Game Console
  • Nintendo Switch Game Console
  • VR Game Console

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Arcade Game Machines Rental

List of Arcade Machines Rental

  • Whack a Frog
  • Foosball Table
  • Air Hockey Table
  • LED Air Hockey Table
  • Naughty Bean Table
  • Video Arcade
  • Standing Video Arcade
  • Toy Claw Machine
  • LED Toy Claw Machine
  • Customised Claw Machine
  • Double Player Claw Machine
  • King of Hammer
  • Punching Machine
  • Bishi Bashi
  • Crazy Taxi
  • Jumbo Safari
  • Alien Termination
  • House of the Dead
  • Children Basketball Machine
  • Arcade Basketball Machine
  • Dart Machine
  • Crisis Zone
  • Silent Scope
  • Time Crisis 1
  • Time Crisis 2
  • Time Crisis 3
  • Daytona Machine (2 players)
  • Daytona 2 Machine (2 players)
  • Initial D machine (2 players)
  • Mario Kart Machine (2 players)
  • Motorbike Racing (2 players)
  • Golden Key Pusher
  • Cubix Up
  • Lipstick Game
  • Palm Reading Machine
  • Arcade Cash Flow Machine
  • Drum Mania
  • Guitar Freak
  • Arcade Bowling
  • Digital Pinball
  • DDR Dance Machine

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What are the different types of carnival games?

Carnival People offer over 100 different types of carnival games. From old-school carnival games, carnival box game stalls, premium carnival games, USA carnival games, inflatable games, giant carnival games, water inflatable games, arcade games and fun fair games.

Should I D.I.Y or rent carnival games for my event?

If you are having a budget constrain, DIY carnival games may be the ideal choice for you. However, DIY a single carnival game takes at least 2 hours to a day depending on the type of game you need. Carnival People offer cheap carnival games that fit your budget. Simply contact us and find out how we can help!

How much is the price of carnival games rental?

Carnival games range from $100/game stall to $1200 for a giant game depending on the game you choose. Carnival People offers a discounted package rate for 4 or more game stalls rental, or 2 or more days hired, and also complimentary delivery, set up, dismantle and collection of equipment.

What is carnival games?

Carnival game is a game of chance or game of skill that can be seen at a carnival event, arcade centre or amusement park. Carnival games are created to entertain people and usually operate on a “pay per play” basis.

How do I rent carnival games?

Simple enquire with Carnival People on , fill up a quick form at the bottom of the page and our sales assistant will get in touch with you as soon as we receive your form!

Can I rent carnival games for my event?

Yes, you can rent carnival games for your event as long as space allows!