Carnival Rides Rental Singapore

What are Carnival Rides?

Carnival Rides are machines that move people to create enjoyment. Here in Carnival People, we provide various carnival rides for kids and adults! From the popular battery animal rides and battery sports car racing, to the famous Texas Rodeo Bull and Wave Surfer… we have it all! Create an unforgettable carnival experience with our carnival rides today! Below are the list of carnival rides we provide:

Carnival Rides Rental in Singapore

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Paddle Boat Ride

Pool ride rental singapore

Battery Sport Cars (with inflatable race track)

Inflatable Race Track Rental

Animal Rides (Manual)

Animal Ride Rental Singapore

Battery Animal Rides

Battery Animal Ride Rental

Rodeo Bull

Rodeo Bull Ride Rental

American Rodeo Bull Ride

Wave Surfer

Wave Surfer Inflatable Ride Rental

Wave Surfer

Battery Go-Kart Racing

If you are looking for an unique experience of entertainment, team-building, and engagement, our  battery go-kart racing is the one for you! Carnival People provides customised racing tracks for you in different sizes and in your desired theme. Our safe replaceable battery go-kart cars can last for as long as 3 hours, and it is definitely a great choice for a bonding session!

outdoor go kart racing for rent

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  • Paddle Boat
  • Battery Sport Cars (with inflatable race track)
  • Animal Rides (Manual)
  • Battery Animal Rides
  • Rodeo Bull
  • Wave Surfer
  • Battery Go-Kart Racing
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Amusement Rides Rental in Singapore

Carnival Rides Rental Carnival Rides Rental Singapore Chair Swing Carnival Ride Rental City Train Carnival Rides Rental Ferris Wheel Carnival Ride Rental Heli Jet Carnival Rides Rental Trackless Train Carnival Ride Rental Horse Carousel Carnival Ride Rental

  • Trackless Train
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Heli Jet
  • Chair Swing
  • Horse Carousel
  • Mini Pirate Ship


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What is carnival rides?

Carnival Rides are mechanical equipment  that move people in a way to create enjoyment. Carnival rides can be found in amusement theme park or a carnival event.

What are the different  types of carnival rides?

There are two types of carnival rides that cater either for kids or adults. Kiddy carnival rides are a great for family theme events where kids get to ride on these safe carnival rides. Carnival People offer kiddy carnival rides rental only.

How much is the price of carnival rides rental?

Starting from as low as $120 for a kiddy animal ride, to $4800 for a carousel ride.

Why should I hire carnival rides for my event?

Carnival rides are a great items to have for your carnival theme event to impress your guests and keep them entertained throughout the event.

How do I rent carnival rides for my event?

Simply enquire with Carnival People at . Fill up a quick form at the bottom of the page and our sales assistant will reply as soon as we receive your form!

Can I rent carnival rides?

As long as your event venue and space allows, you can rent carnival rides for your event in Singapore.