Air dancing tube Singapore

Dancing Man and Inflatable Arch Rental in Singapore

Carnival People offer dancing man and inflatable arch rental in Singapore, for all outdoor event decorations! With various colours to choose from, attract your target audience from afar with these outdoor carnival equipment today!

Whether you are hosting a sports event, carnival or a property launch, having an outdoor decorations tell us an event in happening in your premises. Below are some of the dancing man rental, dancing tube rental and inflatable arch rental we offer:


Air dancing tube Singapore

Outdoor Dancing Tube Rental in Singapore

You have probably seen these dancing tube at various events in Singapore. Dancing tube is the cheapest outdoor decoration equipment we offer! Simply contact our friendly sales assistant to find out the different colours and price of these tubes today!

Air Dancer for Rent Singapore copy Cheap Air Dancer for Rent Singapore

Outdoor Air Dancing Man Rental in Singapore

Kids love it! Dancing man rental is fun to watch, and served as a good decoration item for all types of outdoor events in Singapore! With a few different colours to choose from, contact us today to hire now!

Air Dancer Rental Singapore Air Dancer for Rent  Dancing Tube Rental Singapore

Large Inflatable Arch Rental in Singapore

Customisation is available for all our inflatable arch rental in Singapore! Choose from having a PVC banner or die-cut vinyl sticker installation, inflatable arch is the best way to welcome your guests to your event!

Large Inflatable Arch Decoration Singapore

Discover other outdoor event decorations we offer here.

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