Gashapon Machine Rental in Singapore

Carnival People offer cheap Gashapon Machine Rental in Singapore for lucky draw activity! Gashapon machine, also known as Capsule Ball Dispenser Machine, is a vending machine that dispense capsule toys that started in Japan back in 1965! The word “gacha” is for the hand-cranking action of a toy-vending machine, and “pon” is for the toy capsule landing in the collection tray. Today, gashapon machine can be found not just in Japan, but all around the world!

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Why hire gashapon machines from Carnival People?

  • Cheap Rates – rent direct and SAVE!
  • Well-maintained gashapon machines.
  • Rare Gashapon Machines available.
  • Most of our machines have replacement.
  • Experienced maintenance and repair team.
  • Wide Selections of gashapon machines to choose from!

Whether it’s for a roadshow event or marketing promotion, gashapon machine brings an unique vibe to your marketing campaign. Below are the 3 different types of gashapon machines rental we offer:

Gashapon Machine Rental in Singapore

Small Gashapon Capsule Dispenser Machine Singapore

Small Gashapon Machine
Dimension: 300mm x 450mm x 780mm
Colour: White
Game mode: Token play or $1 coin play
Fill 38x 75mm capsule balls
Requires 1x power point

Small Retro Gashapon Machine Rental in Singapore

Small Retro Capsule Machine
Dimension: 260mm x 260mm x 1350mm
Colour: Red
Game mode: Free play or Token play
Fill 250x 50mm capsule balls

Capsule ball Machine Rental Singapore

Spiral Capsule Machine
Dimension: 500mm by 1350mm
Colour: Red
Game mode: Free play or Token play
Fill 160x 50mm capsule balls

Large Gashapon Machine Rental

Tall Capsule Machine
Dimension: 350mm x 1470mm
Colour: White
Game mode: Free play or Token Play
Fill 70x 100mm capsule balls

large capsule machine rental in singapore

Large Capsule Machine
Dimension: 350mm x 1470mm
Colour: White
Game mode: Token Play
Fill 250x 100mm capsule balls
Requires 1x powerpoint

Giant Gashapon Machine Singapore

Giant Capsule Machine
Dimension: 905mm x 1890mm
Colour: Red
Game mode: Free play or Token play
Fill 350x 100mm capsule balls

Small Gashapon Machine

Standing at just under two feet tall, this charming miniature gashapon machine brings the thrill of Japanese capsule toys right to your fingertips!

Small Gashapon Capsule Dispenser Machine Singapore

Small Retro Gashapon Machine

This traditional small gashapon machine dispense 50mm capsule balls. You can place slips of lucky draw paper, or a small toys for your lucky draw campaign.

Spiral Gashapon Machine Rental

Watch the 50mm capsule ball roll down the spiral slide when dispensing! Suitable for branding and retro events in Singapore!

Small Gashapon Machine Rental

Tall Gashapon Machine Rental

Our tall gashapon machine rental is the most popular gashapon machine rented due to its size, large area of clear acrylic space for customisation and dispensing large 100mm capsule balls! Place a small gift or vouchers into the capsule balls for your customer or guest to enjoy!

Large Gashapon Machine Rental

Large Gashapon Machine Rental

Standing tall and impressive, our large Gashapon Machine is a show-stopping centerpiece guaranteed to delight guests of all ages at your event!

large capsule machine rental in singapore

Giant Gashapon Machine Rental

Our new large gashapon machine rental is great for roadshow where you want to attract the attention of your target audience to your booth! This machine dispenses large 100mm capsule balls as well and comes with a large surface for your branding customisation as well.

Giant Gashapon Capsule Balls Dispenser Machine Rental Singapore

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Gashapon Machine is Suitable For:

Carnival people

Carnival People provides a classic carnival experience with claw machines giving participants an option to enjoy between rides and games!

new product

Using a gashapon machine to unveil a new product or service is a great way to draw attention and crowd to your product launch event, and at the same time generate anticipation for the participants!

Carnival people 2 1

The prizes included in the claw machine can serve as party favors or giveaways for guests which allows them to enjoy the thrill of trying to win prizes they can take home as souvenirs of the celebration!

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What is a Gashapon Machine?

A Gashapon Machine is a vending machine that dispenses small toys, figurines, or trinkets encapsulated in colorful capsules. Originating from Japan, Gashapon machines are known for their element of surprise and collectibility.
Where can I rent a Gashapon Machine?

You can rent a claw machine with Carnival People at Woodlands, Singapore. When you rent gashapon machine with us, we provide FREE delivery, set up, dismantle and collection of the gashapon machine!
How does the rental process work?

Renting a Gashapon Machine from us is simple! Just contact our team to discuss your event needs, including the duration of the rental, desired customization options, and any specific requirements. We’ll handle the setup, operation, and teardown of the machine, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.
Can we customize the exterior design and branding of the Gashapon Machine?

Yes, you can customise the exterior design and include your branding on the gashapon machine. However, we will encourage our clients to provide the artwork to us.
What are the dimensions and specifications of the customized Gashapon Machine?

Simply contact our friendly staff for the dimension and we will provide the dimensions and specifications to you.
What is the lead time for the customisation?

The lead time will be approximately 2 weeks time!
What types of events are suitable for Gashapon Machines?

Gashapon Machines are perfect for a wide range of events, including corporate parties, trade shows, conventions, festivals, fundraisers, birthday parties, and more. They add an element of fun, surprise, and nostalgia to any occasion, captivating guests of all ages!
How do I rent a gashapon machine?

Simply go to and fill up a quick form at the bottom of the page. Our sales assistant will be in touch with you as soon as we receive your form.