Lighted Balloon Stand Rental in Singapore

Carnival People provide the best lighted balloon stand rental in Singapore! We offer both indoor and outdoor giant advertising balloon stand for events, roadshows, exhibition, festivals and private parties! Light up your event venue, use it as part of your event decorations, or simply attract potential customers from afar with our giant balloons today!

The outlook may look the same for most of the giant lighted balloon in the market, but the internal equipment is very different. We list down 7 unique points of our lighted balloon stand rental in Singapore.

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Lighted Balloon Stand Rental in Singapore

Lighted Balloon Stands Singapore


Here’s why you should rent our lighted tripod balloon stands from Carnival People:


Professional Lighting System

Our commercial professional lighting system generates extremely bright light that is able to light up a large area with just 1 balloon!

Giant Light Balloon Stand Rental

LED Coloured Lights

Our LED coloured lights includes Red, Green, Blue, Warm Yellow and White. There is NO additional charge when choosing a different coloured light.

Coloured Lighted Balloon Stand Rental Singapore

Heavy Duty Commercial Base and Wind resistant Stand

Our heavy duty commercial base and wind resistant stand weigh approximately 50kg++ and stand is extended up to 3m tall!

Lighted Balloon Stand with Branding

Rain and fire resistant material

Unlike many companies who use PVC balloon, our balloon material is different. We do not share the material we use, but it is more professional-looking, light weight, and extremely safe!

Lighted Tripod Balloon Stand Rental Singapore

Customised die-cut sticker Installation

Simply send us your design in Ai format, and we will settle the rest! From printing, installation and removal of the die-cut stickers, our price comes with a complimentary 1 sided sticker installation.

Advertising Balloon Stand Rental with Lights

Balloon Sizes

We offer 2 different sizes, 1.6m (diameter) and 2m (diameter) balloons!

Big Adveritsing Balloon on Stand

All in one pricing (no hidden charge)

Our giant lighted balloon stand’s price includes:

  • Printing of 1 sided die-cut stickers
  • Installation of stickers on balloon
  • Delivery, installation and set up of lighted balloon
  • A 5m extension cable
  • Repair Support (if required)
  • Removal of stickers on balloon
  • Dismantle and Collection

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Advertising Lighted Balloon Stand in Singapore


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