Lucky Draw Equipment Rental in Singapore

Offering the Lucky Draw Machine Rental, Carnival People has a variety of different luck draw! From Plinko Game, Spin the Wheel, Cash flow machines/inflatables, Gashapon, and even Claw Machine! Ensuring that there will be something that fits into your event’s theme!

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Why hire arcade machines from Carnival People?

    • Cheap Rates – rent direct and SAVE!
    • Well-Maintained Lucky Draw Machines!
    • Rare Retro Gashapon Machines available!
    • Experienced Maintenance and repair team!
    • Wide selections of machines to choose from!

Below is the list of our Luck Draw Machines that we provide:

Lucky Draw Machines Rental

Plinko Game

Customised Plinko Lucky Draw Rental in Singapore

Spin the Wheel

Spin the Wheel Machine Rental

Inflatable Cash Flow

Inflatable Cash Flow Rental

Cash Grab Machine

Lucky draw machine

Snowflakes Rush

Snowflake rush machine

Arcade Cash Flow Machine

Cash flow arcade

Claw Machine

Customised Branding on Claw Machine

Hand Cash Grab Machine

hand lucky draw machine

Golden Key Pusher

Golden Key Master Arcade Machine Rental

Cubix Up

lucky draw cubix up

Small Gashapon Machine

Capsule ball Machine Rental Singapore

Retro Gashapon

Retro Small Gashapon Machine for Sale in Singapore

Giant Gashapon

Giant Gashapon Machine Singapore

Japan Gashapon

Small Gashapon Capsule Dispenser Machine Singapore

Tall Gashapon

Large Gashapon

Raffle Drum Roller

roller drum raffle

Luck Draw Machines

Looking for fun and creative lucky draw machines to lighten up your event? Here at Carnival People, we offer amazing Lucky Draw Machines that will pique the interest of your attendees! If you have any enquires, just fill up the form below and contact us via Whatsapp with our team now!

Lucky Draw Machine is suitable for:

Carnival people

Perfect for carnivals, Luck draw machines creates an atmosphere filled with suspense that engage anyone who have a go at our extremely entertaining machines!

Carnival people 6

Creates a fun and enjoyable moment for the family to relax!

Carnival people 2 1

Can be used as another fun game inside this fun birthday event!

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Our Corporate Clients

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Why choose Carnival People?

Attention to Detail 1

Attention To Details
Our team is meticulous when it comes to planning and execution! We pay close attention to every detail, ensuring that nothing is overlooked!

Budget Management

Budget Management
At Carnival People, we ensure that your event stays on budget without compromising quality!

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation
Whether you’re planning a corporate event, wedding, or social gathering, Carnival People can infuse creativity into every aspect of your event to make it memorable and impactful!

Expertise and Experience 1

Expertise and Experience
Our experienced team here in Carnival People have extensive knowledge and experience in planning and executing a wide range of events! We will ensure that your event is well-planned and executed seamlessly!

Time Savings

Time Saving
You can save valuable time and resources! We take care of all the logistics, allowing you to focus on other priorities without the stress of event planning!

Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty
Carnival People delivers high-quality services to our customers! We have countless repeated customers who always come back to us for any events and special occasions they are holding!

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Do we provide customization?

Yes, we do. Simply send us your design in AI format!
Do we provide the prizes for Lucky Draw?

Usually we do not provide the prizes for the luck draww machine. However, if you like us to purchase the prizes for you, simply contact our sales assistant to enquire!
Can we change the odds of winning on the machine?

For arcade games such as claw machine or key pusher machine, we can adjust the odds for you. For manual games such as spin the wheel, the odds can be adjusted by having smaller ‘pie’ for bigger prizes!