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Allow yourself to be absorbed into the music world and play along with the beats! 

Carnival People offers you a wide variety of music arcade games that you can choose from to play and compete with your friends and families. Create your own arcade for a day while renting these exciting and fun machines today!

Dance Dance Revolution DDR Arcade Games Rental

DDR Dance Arcade Machine Rental

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Are you the next dancing queen/king?  Pumped up when it comes to dancing?

Dance Dance Revolution has been a well-loved and is the top pick of many when it comes to arcade games. If you have noticed, many of times when you hit the arcades, DDR is always packed with people and has a ‘waiting list’ on it.

Carnival People Caters to a wide variety of arcade games that you can choose from. Discover and find your perfect arcade games for you below:

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