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Old but Gold Traditional Games You Used to Play

Remember the times before technology kicked in and before all these online games started? Remember those games you used to play growing up?

What were the games in your head that you used to love? Why not, let’s take a walk down the memory lane and recall these traditional games that were simple yet it brought us tons of good memories and gales of laughter.

Traditional games are mostly played back in the ’80s and 90s where the Kampung times happen. As compared to the online games that you are now playing with your friends such as ‘ Call of Duty’ , ‘ Among Us’ or, ‘Mobile legend’, traditional games are actual games played in real life that brings people together. It may be a thing from the past, but it is still an enjoyable one that makes people have a ball in their daily life.

  1. Pick Up Sticks

Traditional Pick up Sticks Game

Pick up sticks is a game that requires mental and physical skills. No kidding. The objective of the game is to pick up and collect the most number of sticks without moving any apart from the one that you are trying to pick up.

Time to pick your game skills up! 

2.  Tikam Tikam 

Tikam Tikam Game for Rent

Did you know?

” Tikam Tikam” actually means ” The guessing game ” in Malay. It was a well-loved game by the kids back in the olden days. How this game work is that you will have to pay a small amount of money ( usually a few cents ) and you will be entitled to pick a ticket from the board. The lucky ones will be able to walk away with a board game or a deck of cards or great big prizes. If not, you will still be able to walk away with consolation prizes such as snacks for you to snack on on the way home.

3. Chapteh

Traditional Chapteh Game Rental

Chapteh was a commonly played game outside houses in the past. It can be played by yourself or with your clique in the past. The objective of a game of chapteh is to basically keep the chapteh in the air with different parts of your body. However, the trick to this is that no use of hands is allowed throughout the game. So, you can use your head to knock it or your leg to kick it but not your hands to hit it!

4. Congkak 

Traditional Congkak Game Rental

Congkak is a well-known game that is played all around Asia. The objective of the game is to be able to have the most amount of seed in your own ‘ houses ‘ or to be the fastest to empty your holes.

5. Five Stones 

Five Stones Traditional Games Singapore

Five Stones was a traditional game played back in the kampung days. The game has been said that it will further improve and develop your eyesight and concentration. For this game, all you have to do is to place all the five stones on a flat surface and then pick one stone up and throw it in the air and pick a second stone while the first is in the air and catch it before it hit the surface. Then repeat the same but add one stone that you have to pick up while the first stone is in the mid-air.

Remember hiding it in your pocket or your school bag just so that you will be able to play it with your friends during recesses or after school?

6. Milk Can Toss 

Milk Can Toss carnival game stall rental

Milk Can Toss is a carnival game that is often played to win big prizes. The objective of this game is to use the balls given to knock over the cans placed in front. The more cans that are knocked over, the more points are given to them to redeem a prize.

7. Small Bottle Ring Toss 

Rent Bottle Ring Toss Game Singapore

Ring toss sometimes referred to as ‘ ring a bottle’ is a game commonly played in the carnival. This game usually requires a hell lot of luck for you to win a prize from it. How it works is that you will be given rings and all you have to do is to throw the rings towards the bottle and wish that it goes through the bottle. When any one of the rings passes through the bottle, you will walk away with a HUGE prize.

These traditional games were old but really gold. It brought us gold memories that we really wished we will have the chance to turn back to.  Do you now miss those old childhood times where you played Tikam Tikam under your house? Or Chapteh at your school parade square? Or Ring toss at a carnival you went?

Carnival People can now turn back time into your olden days and allow you to play these traditional games at a low and affordable cost. Our traditional game stalls are now up for rent! Be it for your community centre event, birthday parties, family gatherings or any event, we will be able to bring your childhood back to you.

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