Prepacked cotton candy Singapore

Prepacked Carnival Snack Delivery in Singapore

In the midst of planning an upcoming event and are having difficulties getting small bites and snacks due to the latest covid situation? Preparing goodie bags for your guests at the event?

We have some prepacked carnival snack ideas for you! 

Worry no more that covid destructs your event! We have a wide range of prepacked snacks that you can choose from that will definitely win the hearts and stomachs of your guests in the event. Carnival People offers Prepacked Carnival Snack Delivery in Singapore for your upcoming party or event today!

Prepacked popcorn SingaporePrepacked popcorns

Prepacked popcorns can never go wrong at any event! It gives the guests a good munch anywhere and everywhere. Our sweet flavoured crunchy popcorns have always been our best seller amongst all of our prepacked items! You will never go wrong with popcorns!

Prepacked cotton candy Singapore

Prepacked Cotton Candy

Apart from our prepacked popcorns, prepacked cotton candy is also one of our top sellers amongst all! Our soft and fluffy cotton candy will be placed in a 12 oz cup hot sealed before delivery!

Prepacked Kacang Puteh

Prepacked Kacang Puteh 

Prepacked Kacang Puteh is a childhood favourite and is a go-to when it comes to carnival events. Our prepacked Kacang Puteh is mixed of assorted beans such as broad beans, chick pea, green peas, roast salted peanut and coated peanut cracker that many loves!

Pre pack traditional biscuit

Prepacked Traditional Biscuits

I bet all of us loved these traditional biscuits when we were young and in days now, these are really hard to find. Our traditional biscuits consist of the legendary gem biscuit, haw flakes, crackers and many more!

Cup Ice Cream Singapore

Prepacked cup ice cream 

Don’t you agree with me that no matter how full we are, we always have a room for dessert! What better way than to end your meal with a cup of ice cream right?  Our ice cream ranges from all the hot flavours such as chocolate to vanilla to strawberry flavoured and it will leave your guests satisfied.

All these prepacked snacks are now up for grabs at low and affordable prices that you can not find elsewhere!

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