Prize Arcade Games Rental Singapore

Have always tried your luck on prize games at the arcade and always fail despite the thousand of tries you make?

Carnival People offers you prize games where you can rent it and play as you please! This time, you will definitely be able to win and walk away with a prize!

Below are the prize game machines we have :

Cubix Up Arcade Machine

Cubix Up Arcade Rental

Cubix up is a game where you stack the moving boxes and try to get it as high as you can. The higher it is stacked, the bigger the prize is! This game may sound easy on the outside but actually, it is a game that can give you sweaty palms and the feeling of anxiousness from aligning the boxes!

Golden Key Pusher Arcade Machine

Golden Key Master Arcade Machine Rental

Golden Key Pusher is a game that will test your accuracy skills. All you have to do is to put the key into the exact right spot and if it fits in, you will be able to walk away with the prize you have gotten!

Lipstick Game Arcade Machine

Lip Stick Game Vending Machine

The lipstick game is a machine where there will be ‘ lockers’ with prizes placed in each locker. On the screen, there are different challenges and games that you have to challenge yourself to. When you win the game, you will win a prize! Yes, it is that simple!


Turbo Cash Flow Arcade Machine

Cash Flow Arcade Machine Rental

Turbo Cash Flow

Turbo Cash Flow is a machine where you often seen in videos. It is when you enter to this small room and in the room, there will be cash flying everywhere from the air coming up at the bottom. All you have to do is to catch as much cash as you can!

Carnival People Caters to a wide variety of arcade games that you can choose from. Discover and find your perfect arcade games for you below:

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