Shooting Arcade Games Rental Singapore

Have always enjoyed the excitement of playing shooting games in the arcade?

Aim and fire away! 

Carnival People offers a whole lot of fun and exciting shooting games you can play with your friends at a really affordable price that you will not find elsewhere. Team up and kill the enemies together!

Be it whether you are looking for a zombie shooting game or a mission shooting game or any action games, we have what you are looking for! Did you know a shooting game often test your spatial awareness, reflexes, and speed?

Are you up for the challenge?

Here are the games that we offer:

Silent Scope Arcade Machine

Slient Scope Arcade Machine Rental

Crisis Zone Arcade Machine

Crisis Zone Arcade Machine Rental Singapore

House of the dead Arcade Machine

House of the dead 2 Arcade Machine rental

Alien Shooting Arcade Machine

Alien Shooting Arcade Machines Rental

Alien 3 Shooting Arcade Machine

Alien 3 the gun Arcade Machine Rental

Time Crisis 1 Arcade Machine

Time Crisis 1 Arcade Machine Rental

Time Crisis 2 Arcade Machine

Time Crisis 2 Arcade Rental

Time Crisis 3 Arcade Machine

Time Crisis 3 Arcade Machine

Carnival People Caters to a wide variety of arcade games that you can choose from. Discover and find your perfect arcade games for you below:

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