Sports Arcade Machines Rental Singapore

Enjoy playing the sports game when you hit the arcades such as shooting your shots into the basketball hook, hitting the bullseye at the dart machines, or giving a huge tight punch to the punching machines?

Carnival People offers you a wide variety of sports arcade games that you can choose from to play and compete with your friends and families. Create your own arcade for a day while renting these exciting and fun machines today!

Below are the  sports arcade game machines we have :

Arcade Basketball Machine Rental

Arcade Basketball Machines for Rent

Arcade Basketball

Often compete with your friends on who scores the highest as you play the basketball machines? The good news is , when you rent a basketball machine with us, you can now play it at an unlimited amount of try. Shoot your shot into the hooks with the basketballs today!

Children’s basketball Arcade Machine Rental

Children basketball Arcade Machine Rental

Children Basketball

We heard your voices!

For kids, we have a children’s basketball machine catered and made for them! In this way, not only you but your kids will be able to have fun at the event with our basketball machines.

Arcade Dart Machine Rental

Dart Machines for Rent Singapore

Dart Machine

Dart machines are getting more popular in recent days. Many love playing darts as a competitive sport with their friends as they throw the darts onto the dartboard. Challenge yourself to hit the bullseye with your skills today!

King of Hammer Arcade Machine Rental

King of Hammer Arcade Rental 1

Show your might and strength as you lift up the mallet and give your all to smash down the popped up part of the machine! The stronger you smash, the higher your score will be!


Arcade Puncher Machine Rental

Punching Machine Rental Singapore


Test and challenge your boxing skills with our arcade punching machine! Give the punching bag a great hard punch to score the highest score and compete with your friends on who’s got the highest score!


Arcade bowling Machine Rental

Arcade Bowling Machine Rental

Arcade Bowling

Knockdown as many pins as you can with the mini bowling balls and try to score a strike! In this arcade bowling, you will be able to compete with other players making it a competitive bowling game!

Carnival People Caters to a wide variety of arcade games that you can choose from. Discover and find your perfect arcade games for you below:

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