Table Arcade Games

Looking for games that you can compete and challenge your friends to?

We have a wide variety of games that allow you to have a whale of a time along with your loved ones! With our table games, you can play it nearly anywhere and everywhere. It will fit just perfectly for the space that you have!

What’s even better is that you can now rent it with Carnival People at really cheap and affordable rates as compared to purchasing one!

Now, let me introduce to you the table arcade games that we have:

Foosball Table Rental

Foosball Table Rental SingaporeBar Top Foosball TableFoosball Table Singapore

Is this your go-to activity when you hit the arcades or your nearby community clubs or shopping malls? Remember trying to kick the mini soccer ball with the handles and trying to contain your screaming, yelling, and shouting when you score a goal?

You can now rent it with us and play as you please with all your friends!


LED Football Table Rental 

LED Foosball Table Rental 1

Want something more to hype up your spirits?

We have an LED Football table where the lights in the machine will light up making the machine glow as you play!


Air Hockey Table Rental 

Cheap Air Hockey Table Rental Singapore

Round Air Hockey Arcade Machine Singapore

Compete with your friends and families in an air hockey challenge! Use your mallet to strike down your opponent’s goal post and collect as many scores as you can get to win! Want to reminisce your times in the arcade? We have arcade air hockey table up for grabs too!

Pool Table Rental

Rent Pool Table in Singapore

Pool Table

Carnival People offers 6ft pool table rental in Singapore! Comes with a sets of balls and 2 cue sticks per table, get your family and friends to enjoy unlimited games at your party or event with our professional pool table today!


Naughty Bean Table Rental 

Naughty Bean Table Arcade Rental Singapore

Naughty Bean is a competitive reflex game that tests your hand coordination and reaction time by pressing the lit buttons as quickly as you can to outsmart the opponent. Are you up for the challenge?


Whack a Frog Table Rental 

Whack a Frog Arcade Machine Rental

Whack a Frog

Challenge yourself and your reflexes by hitting as many frogs as you can when they pops up of the machine. Score a point for each of the frogs that you hit and collect as many points as you can!

Carnival People Caters a wide variety of arcade games that you can choose from. Discover and find your perfect arcade games for you below:

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