Kids Ball Pit Rental with Slide Singapore

Cheapest Carnival Rental in Singapore

Carnival People offer the cheapest carnival rental in Singapore! With over 400 in-house carnival equipment and arcade machines, you can be assured to find the items you need for your upcoming party or event!

Cheapest Carnival Rental in Singapore

Surprise your kids and your guest with these fun carnival games and equipment! During the pandemic, we take a step further for the cleanliness of all our equipment. All our carnival rental goes through a wipe down followed by sanitisation before renting out to your event. Below are some of our most popular carnival rentals during the pandemic:

Kids Ball Pit Rental

Who doesn’t love to dive into a pool of rainbow balls at the comfort of your very own house! Hire a kids ball pit rental for your upcoming kid’s party with us today!

Kids Ball Pit Rental with Slide Singapore

Bouncy Castle Rental

Carnival People is proud to offer the largest range of bouncy castle rental in Singapore! With over 50 different bouncy castles to choose from, you can be sure the find the perfect theme and right size that fits into the space you have!

Inflatable Robot Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Water Inflatable Rental

If you are having a pool party at your home or at the swimming pool in your condominium, you can consider having these fun water inflatable rental! Our modular water inflatable length can be customise to fit into the pool that you have!

Water Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental Singapore

Arcade Games Rental

One of my personal favourite and childhood dream is to have an arcade corner in my very own house! With popular arcade games such as Bishi Bashi and arcade basketball, to rare retro arcade games such as Daytona Racing and House of the Dead, Carnival People offer over 40 different arcade games rental to choose from! Contact us to buy or rent arcade games from us today!

Bishi Bashi Arcade Rental Singapore Arcade Basketball Machines Rental Singapore

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Arcade Gaming Corner Set up Singapore

Arcade Games Rental in Singapore

Carnival People not only offers you delicious and mouth-watering food that you can have at your events, but we also offer you a wide selection of arcade games rental in Singapore that you can choose from! As the direct arcade supplier company, we offer over 40 different arcade games rental for parties and events in Singapore!

Arcade Gaming Corner Set up Singapore

Whether you are up for some racing arcade games to compete with your friends on who’s the best racer amongst you guys or some toy claw machines race on who’s got the most toys caught within a set amount of time or want to reminisce those good old days where you and your friends will hit the arcades near your schools to play those retro good old video arcade games together such as Pacman and street fighter.

We have racing games such as your favourite Daytona where it is always taken in the arcades and you have to wait for quite a while to get your hands on them. Musical arcade games such as guitar freak and dance dance revolution where you can unleash your inner music artist side of you. Bonding games such as the legendary Bishi Bashi where up to three participants can play. And many more!

From your favourite arcade machines to the most popular machines that is always hogged up when you visit the arcades. We have all you ask for!

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Bottles Ring Toss Carnival Game 1

Carnival Event Rental in Singapore

Trusted Carnival event rental Company in Singapore

Carnival Rental? We got it all covered! 

Specializing in carnival events, we cater to the different activities that makes up a carnival. Be it the parades with mime artist, stilt walkers or roving jugglers or the carnival games rental such as ring toss, milk can toss, basket toss or roll a ball or the larger games such as digital basketball, hungry hippo, and even sumo game. We have a wide variety of carnival games and arcade games rental available for your upcoming carnival event!

Apart from all the fun and waves of laughter, we also have decorative elements such as inflatable arches and air dancing puppets that instantly bring up the atmosphere and create excitements for your event!

Not forgetting the young ones, we have ball pit rental and bouncy castles rental readily available for the kids! Well, we don’t like to leave anyone out of fun right? Our bouncy castles range in sizes and themes and there will definitely be one suitable for your upcoming event. Bouncy castles are kid’s top favorites and it is an enjoyable activity for them to jump and slide around.

Rodeo Bull Ride Rental

Bottles Ring Toss Carnival Game 1

Lion Kingdom Bouncy Castle Rental

All these carnival items are now up for grabs at low and affordable prices that you can not find elsewhere! Be it for the young or the young at hearts, we have fun and great activities and games specially for them!

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Carnival Event Company in Singapore

As the trusted carnival event company in Singapore, we miss planning events and getting people  to come together to enjoy the various carnival games and activities. Seeing our clients having fun at the event we planned is what kept us going for the past few years, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our past clients who have been so supportive with our team.

Meanwhile, our team is working with Dif Solutions to clean and disinfect our equipment with their Disinfectant fogging machine to ensure our equipment are clean and safe before renting it out to our clients.

Here are the top 5 most popular carnival activity we miss:

Bouncy Castle

Remember the kids having so much fun spending hours running around, jumping and sliding  on a bouncy castle? You can still rent a bouncy castle from us during this period of time as long as you have a backyard big enough to fit our castle! Our smallest bouncy castle size is 3m by 3m by 2.5m (H).

Dragon Playground Obstacle Course

Ball Pit

Everyone love jumping into a pit will with colourful soft balls no matter if you are a kid or an adult, we all love ball pit! Yes, you can still rent a ball pit from us as our team ensure the ball pit is clean before and after each rental, and safe for everyone!

Cheap Ball Pit Rental Singapore

Live Food Stations

Don’t you miss the smell of your favourite carnival snacks such as popcorn, candy floss, churros, hotdog bun… We have over 20 in-house live food stations!

Popcorn and Candy Floss Rental Singapore

Carnival Games

It is not a carnival without having a few of these carnival game stalls at your event! We owns over 100 different carnival games and fun fair equipment for you to choose from!

Carnival Game Stalls Rental Singapore

Arcade Games Rental

Arcade Games rental has been one of the popular equipment rental for events over the past few years! Carnival People offer over 50 in-house arcade machines for sale and rental for party, events and even home or office entertainment area.

Arcade Games Machine Rental Singapore

We are having a monthly arcade rental promo for all our arcade machines from as low as $10/day! Contact our friendly sales assistant to find out more!

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We hope the current covid-19 situation will get better and resume events in Singapore soon. Meanwhile, stay safe everyone!