Aeroplane Bouncy Castle Rental singapore

Rent Cheap Party Bouncy Castles in Singapore

If you are looking for bouncy castles for your upcoming party in Singapore, you should at least have a look at our bouncy castle collection of over 40 different designs to choose from! Rent cheap party bouncy castles in Singapore from just $200 for a full day rental. Our price includes delivery of castle, installation and set up, sanitisation of castle, dismantle and collection of equipment. Simply find an empty space and a nearest powerpoint for us, Carnival People will settle the rest!

bouncy castle rental

Carnival Land

There is even cheaper bouncy castles rental in the market, but are they? Firstly, you would need to factor in their “hidden cost” that includes delivery and collection, hourly charges, early set up fee and more. Secondly, you would need to factor the quality of the castle to see if the castle are made for commercial use, or home use. Here’s the difference:

Large Pirate Ship Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Large Pirate Ship

A commercial use bouncy castle is heavy and can withstand the weight of an adult jumping on it. It is important to have a commercial blower and a heavy bouncy castle set up for safety issue. When you compare the different factors in, you will understand why our bouncy castle will be considered as one of the cheapest in Singapore.

Princess Carriage Bouncy Castle rental

Princess Carriage

Discover the full list of bouncy castle rental we offer here!

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Inflatable Water Obstacle Course Rental Singapore e1615561143873

Carnival Rental for Pool Party in Singapore

Looking for carnival rental for pool party in Singapore? Carnival People offers a wide range of inflatables and equipment to keep your guests entertained throughout your party or event! From water obstacle course to dunking tank, we have it all! With more than 400 in-house carnival equipment, you can be assured to rent these carnival items at the best price in Singapore!

Water Inflatable Obstacle Rental

Looking for an inflatable water slide rental? Why not have an obstacle course that ends by sliding into the pool? Here in Carnival People, we understand how “FUN” works! Whether you have big or small pool, our modular water inflatable obstacle course length can be customised to fit your pool size! Contact us to find out more.

Inflatable Pool Obstacle Course Rental Singapore Inflatable Water Obstacle Course Rental Singapore e1615561143873 Water Obstacle Course rental in SIngapore

Water Gladiator is another water game that everyone loves! Balance yourself on an inflatable log and challenge your friend in the pool!

Inflatable Pool Gladiator Rental Singapore e1615561164588Inflatable Water Game Rental


For younger kids, you may choose to get our crocodile club bouncy castle where the kids can climb and slide into the pool of water! If you are looking for other bouncy castles for your event, Carnival People have a wide range of more than 30 different bouncy castles rental in Singapore!

Corcodile Club Water Bouncy Castle Rental Singapore

Dunking Tank Rental

Dunking Tank has been a classic carnival games that goes as far as the late 19th century up to the mid 1940s. Have a person sit on the bench above the tank, grab a ball and throw at the target, once the target is hit, the person will drop and splash into the tank!

Dunking Tank Rental Singapore

Looking for other carnival games rental in Singapore? Contact our friendly sales assistant for a discounted package rate when you hire 3 or more items with us!

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Bottles Ring Toss Carnival Game 1

Carnival Event Rental in Singapore

Trusted Carnival event rental Company in Singapore

Carnival Rental? We got it all covered! 

Specializing in carnival events, we cater to the different activities that makes up a carnival. Be it the parades with mime artist, stilt walkers or roving jugglers or the carnival games rental such as ring toss, milk can toss, basket toss or roll a ball or the larger games such as digital basketball, hungry hippo, and even sumo game. We have a wide variety of carnival games and arcade games rental available for your upcoming carnival event!

Apart from all the fun and waves of laughter, we also have decorative elements such as inflatable arches and air dancing puppets that instantly bring up the atmosphere and create excitements for your event!

Not forgetting the young ones, we have ball pit rental and bouncy castles rental readily available for the kids! Well, we don’t like to leave anyone out of fun right? Our bouncy castles range in sizes and themes and there will definitely be one suitable for your upcoming event. Bouncy castles are kid’s top favorites and it is an enjoyable activity for them to jump and slide around.

Rodeo Bull Ride Rental

Bottles Ring Toss Carnival Game 1

Lion Kingdom Bouncy Castle Rental

All these carnival items are now up for grabs at low and affordable prices that you can not find elsewhere! Be it for the young or the young at hearts, we have fun and great activities and games specially for them!

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