Window Art Station for kids Singapore

Hands On Art And Craft Activities For Your Kid

As you walk past the art stations and shops in the shopping mall, your kids just cannot get their eyes off the canvas or the paints? Due to the covid situation now, many of the shops have not been able to operate as normal and because of that, your kids haven’t been able to unleash their inner artistic talent in them?

We got a solution for you! 

Carnival People has affordable art and craft activities catered to kids of all ages. Our sand art and window art has always been a top-rated activity by kids because of the fun that comes with it. It is like a hands-on coloring book that allows them to color their artwork with real-life coloring elements such as paints and colored sands.

Now let me introduce you to our window art station :

Window Art for events

Window Art 

You can now cover your fridge and glass panels at home with the window art ornaments that your kid has done all by themselves. Window Art allows the kid to fill in their favorite animals or cartoon with their favorite colors. These window art pieces are sticky to certain surfaces such that you will be able to stick the artworks onto.  Leave a memory of your kid’s childhood in your homes for keepsake.  Let their imagination run wild and you will see creative artwork done by your kid right in front of you.

Window Art Station Singapore

It is certainly a well-loved activity and one that is always in demand. Well, the good news now is that we can bring these window art stations to your homes for your kids to do in the comfort of their space. Whether you would like to have it for your family gathering or for your kid’s birthday party so that they would be able to do it together with their friends. We cater to all your needs and wants!

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Fringe activities ideas for you !

 Looking for an engagement activity that can engage your audience? In need of ideas for what to do at your event?

This is the right place you’re looking at!

We provide you with fringe activities that cater to people of all ages from all walks of life. You can be rest assured of looking for a suitable activity for your target audience.  Don’t worry and count it on us!

We have :

Fringe activity Origami


Origami folding workshop

Participants would be able to learn the art of origami folding and transforming a plain piece of paper into lovely sculptures, animals, and other decorative elements.

Scratch Art Singapore



Scratch Art Station

Participants would be able to unleash their inner creativity and imagination to scratch out a rainbow coloured art piece from a plain piece of black paper.

Window Art cater for Events Singapore



Window Art Station 

Participants would be able to express their artistic talent through colours. They would be able to paint out the designs that they chose through the paints placed in small tubes.


Sand Art


Sand Art Station

Participants would be able to model sand into the designs that they have chosen. Sand Art station have always been a popular activity amongst the kids!


 & many more…   

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