Video Arcade Games Rental in Singapore

Remember those days especially for the nineties where it was the era of arcade video games? Where all the local arcade game centres will be packed with sardines, all trying to get their hands on the video game machines? All before technology kicked in where XBOX, PS4s got created?

Bingo! Carnival people offer you a variety of video arcade games for you to choose from which throws you back to the nineties days. Just that this time, without any packed of sardines and you will be able to play at ease at your comfort zone.

Below are the video arcade games that Carnival People offers:

Video Arcade Rental at Swatch

Video Arcade Games Rental

Remember spamming on these buttons on the machine to win the game? Compete with your friend on the games that you used to play and reminisce those old but gold childhood days together!

Retro Video Arcade Rental Singapore

Retro Video Arcade

Retro Video Games Rental 

To further enhance your throwbacks, we also have retro video game machine up for rental where it consists of over 600 games in 1 machine. The games include classical retro games that we all used to play such as Metal Slug, Street Fighter, Pac man and many more!

IMG 2575

Bishi Bashi Video Game Rental 

Remember Bishi Bashi, the video game that is very well-loved in the arcades where many queued up for? It was the machine that consists of a huge number of mini-games and levels that makes you be spoilt for choices. What’s even better is that it is a 3 player game so you will be able to play with 2 other players!

Digital Pinball Machine Rental Digital Pinball Arcade Machine Rental

Digital Pinball Machine 

Remember how you spam the buttons at the side and try to keep the ball up as much as you can? We have a digital pinball machine up for grabs where you can challenge yourself to beat the high score on the machine!

Carnival People Caters a wide variety of arcade games that you can choose from. Discover and find your perfect arcade games for you below:

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